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While capturing the best possible sound is at the core of what I do, video plays a significant part, and thanks to the DSLR-revolution it can look better than ever.

My capture setup consists of several Canon EOS cameras running MagicLantern with a selection of fine prime and zoom lenses (Canon, Olympus, Petzval, Vivitar Series-1, Voigtländer, Zeiss; EOS-adapted vintage lenses by LensDoctor Eddie Houston) and LedZilla's by DedoLight. Used musically and with an eye for vistas and details!

For live A/V production I set up several static views, operate one or two cameras (on fluid head, jib / camera crane or slider) and optionally use a broadcast quality production switcher when realtime editing is required.

Publications on mobile A/V recording: 07/2014, 08/2013, 06/2012 & 07/2012.
Vidcast: Andrew in Paris @ MusoTalk (April 12, 2012)

Dancing with an Octopus

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A/V Capture and editing:
Re-edits of my material by TONIKUM Sound & montage - IJMF 2010: Video capture and montage: